Help & FAQ

How is the delivery going?

You will be delivered to your home, by parcel to your home at the address you want to indicate to us during your checkout.

How long will delivery take?

We deliver worldwide, the transport time depends on your country and your locality. For France, in general it takes between two to five weeks to obtain your package.

Is it possible to get it delivered faster?

In case you need a shorter time, for example to honor a birthday, do not hesitate to contact us via our e-mail dialog box, to let us know. We will then suggest a faster shipping method. (It should be noted that this would entail an additional cost which we will detail to you).

Why do I have to leave my phone number in addition to my address?

This is not mandatory at all, but it will be very useful for the final carrier of your package, in case he has difficulty finding your address. He will call you directly for details and deliver you to your home as scheduled without your having to travel to your city post office.

How can I leave a comment on your site, or a calibration with stars?

We would be very happy to read your comments which you can send to us via our e-mail box, the star classification system is under study.

We will add your comments on the site as soon as they reach us, with our greatest satisfaction.

How long will you keep and share my personal information?

We may keep your personal information within our company at all times, unless you notify us of your intention to do otherwise. We do not share with any other site or any other sales platform this information which we keep confidential for the sole purpose of perpetuating our relationship with you.

How can I restrict the use of my contact details? For your promotional items for example?

We will only use your contact details with your sole consent, as a Client of our services, and only if you wish. If not, any promotional mail you may receive from us will include an unsubscribe button which you only need to click to stop our mailings.

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You can consult at the bottom of the site the General Conditions of Sale and Use, our policy concerning returns, defective products or other, delivery problem, finally more information on our confidentiality policy.

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