Practice at Home - Golf at Home

Practice at Home - Golf at Home

Dear Golf Lovers,

You can no longer be frustrated that you can't go and train at your favorite club because the weather is out of the game, whether it's cold or rainy.

Then Arrokoth has a solution for you that will allow you to keep improving, golfing while staying at home.

There are so many golf techniques you can practice at home no matter the size of your home, you don't have to have a huge house with a fairway-like garden available!

No, if you just have a room spacious enough to perform the swing motion without breaking the silverware!

A garage or a small patch of garden, you can work with moss balls or other plastic hole balls that stop quite quickly after impact because they offer maximum wind resistance.

You can work on being aware of your swing movement, the rhythm, the balance, the harmony that allows this complex movement to permeate you.

A session or two a week at home will make you progress enormously, at little cost, and above all will prevent you from losing the golfing sensations you acquired during your last practice session at the practice.

You can work on controlling the movement, or letting go, setting up the grip, your position at address, the release, better stability with well anchored feet, etc ...

If you have a little more room, with our golf equipment Arrokoth Indoor Golf, you can also work on your little game (chipping) with the help of dedicated targets, but also putting, little space are necessary for a real beneficial training, and you will soon have thoughts from your partners like:

You've really improved yourself these days! How do you manage to progress so quickly? Are you coming to train at night?

You can keep it a secret, but it's nicer to share your golf experience at home by giving them this tip

If there is a particular type of golf equipment that is missing from our selection that you would like to have available, please let us know by writing to us.

Have a good workout at home, and a good swing !
In Japan, for lack of space in town for spacious practices, a lot of training goes like this, quite easy to reproduce at home!